Core competence

Core competence

years of experience in the production of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules
years of extraction and production of plant active ingredients
years of health products and health food production
years of functional food customization/development/production

Core technology

Safety technology
Low temperature extraction
Freeze drying technology
Green energy-saving technology
Innovative preparation technology

Center & Laboratory

Focusing on efficacy in product development, we are committed to improving consumers' lives and constantly pushing forward the limits of technology and imagination. We set up four R&D centers and ten laboratories, from natural raw materials, functional finished products, product evaluation to technology transformation, so as to guarantee quality of innovative products, solve customers' technical problems and meet consumers' most scientific health pursuit through efficient and high-quality R&D.

Core Intellectual Property

Based on the process, efficacy and formula, we cross-relate them to apply for and own patents covering production technology, efficacy technology, formula combination, trademark, visual packaging, etc. We provide patent protection for  our customers for differentiated competition.

A method for preparing a high-content ginsenoside Re extract

A medicinal theaflavin extraction device and extraction method

Oral microbubble effervescent granules and their preparation method

A refining device and preparation method for ginseng oil

A vitamin C-rich powder of Rosa Roxburghii and its preparation method

An external circulation concentration device for extracting Pseudo-ginseng extract

A device for removing pesticide residues from American ginseng

A device for decolorizing ginseng stems and leaves

A device for preparing a soluble mulberry leaf extract with excellent solubility

An immobilized enzyme catalysis device for theaflavins