Our responsibility

Our responsibility

Our philanthropic endeavors

Driving economic development through poverty alleviation and wealth creation along the entire value chain

In response to the national strategy of targeted poverty alleviation, our company has implemented a priority purchasing system for medicinal herbs from impoverished households. We have signed annual agreements with them to address the issue of selling their medicinal herbs. To date, we have helped more than 300 impoverished households sell their medicinal herbs

Our environmental obligation

Comprehensive utilization of the entire value chain of natural products

Our company always adheres to a sustainable development strategy with a focus on "resources" and "environment." We have invested significant efforts in factory design, value chain layout, and pollutant treatment. This includes considerations for the comprehensive utilization of low-value by-products, improving the energy efficiency of wastewater treatment, and strict control of CO2 emissions.

Our social responsibility

Reducing risks of pesticide residues and heavy metal contamination in traditional Chinese herbs

Adhering to the belief that “technological innovation is the core driving force for enterprise development,” our company focuses on the safety of health products in response to the current concerns of consumers. We have delved deep into the field of health product safety and not only obtained organic certifications from the EU and the United States but also developed a series of patented technologies for pesticide residue removal and heavy metal detoxification.