Intelligent manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing
Integrated Health Food Intelligent Manufacturing Center

The Integrated Health Food Intelligent Manufacturing Center is an intelligent, automated, and efficient manufacturing model. It includes functions such as automated plant active ingredient processing, digital intelligent manufacturing, and an intelligent analysis and decision-making platform. It achieves fully automated production throughout multiple stages, including raw material input, extraction, concentration, drying, and formulation. It also enables real-time monitoring of the production process, flexible adjustment of production conditions, and accurate control of safety risks. The Center ensures product quality, enhances product competitiveness, guarantees manufacturing safety, and helps enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Global Natural Plant Nutrition Supply Chain

We source natural and high-quality raw materials from around the world, and through meticulous production processes, we extract the nutrients to provide customers with a guarantee of healthy, natural, and pure nutrition. Our supply chain covers the globe, allowing us to provide customers with certifications that comply with various national or international standards. We have established long-term partnerships with suppliers from around the world to ensure that we can obtain high-quality raw materials in a timely and stable manner.