Qingyunshan Pharmaceutical won the key project of the national key plan

Recently, the 2023 Ministry of Science and Technology’s national key research and development plan “Food Nutrition and Safety Key Technology Research and Development” was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the project was officially established. Qingyunshan Pharmaceutical participated in the key special project "Research on Comprehensive Excavation, Development and Utilization of New Plant-derived Food Resources" led by China Agricultural University.

The national key R&D plan is an important science and technology plan to carry out research on key technologies and products for strategic, basic, and forward-looking major scientific and technological issues related to the national economy and people's livelihood, industrial core competitiveness, and national security.
"Research on the Comprehensive Excavation, Development and Utilization of New Food Resources of Plant Sources" is a research project that uses potential edible plant resources derived from cultivated land, grasslands, and forests, as well as plant functional components with the potential to develop alternative proteins and alternative oils as research objects to solve the problem of plant-derived food resources. New food resources suffer from a lack of material basic data, inefficient mining and characterization methods, unclear food safety risks and single reduction and control methods, lack of evaluation of processing suitability and backward quality and efficiency improvement technology, lack of precise extraction and preparation technology, low extraction efficiency and energy consumption. Bottleneck problems such as large, multi-level underutilization.

Qingyunshan Pharmaceutical has been deeply involved in oriental herbal medicine for more than 30 years, and has many years of experience in raw material cultivation, technology research, development and production of health care products, and ODM of functional foods. This time, I am responsible for Task 3 "Oil Processing Characteristics and Structural Modification Technology" of Topic 3 "Processing Applicability and Quality and Efficiency Improvement Technology of New Food Resources from Plant Sources" and Topic 5 "Technical Equipment and Industry for Multi-level Utilization of New Food Resources from Plant Sources" Task 2 of the Chemical Industry, "Multi-level utilization of new specialty berry food resources", will increase the content of functional factors and effective utilization rates to maximize cost reduction and increase efficiency; it will also transform and build production equipment; and production lines. Improve labor efficiency and actively promote the scale and industrialization of new specialty berry food resources; at the same time, we will also safeguard intellectual property rights and formulate industry or group standards.

As an intelligent manufacturing factory under Taiyi Health, Qingyunshan Pharmaceutical has always focused on the cutting-edge development of plant extract technology. It has undertaken many national key development plans, and has also participated in plant extracts such as Drynariae Rhizoma, Ganoderma Lucidum, and Hericium Powder. The formulation of group standards, and the thorough implementation of the company's concept of technology-led development, with the help of four major central platforms and ten major laboratories, actively promotes the industrial application of plant extracts in food, health care products, etc.

In the future, Qingyunshan Pharmaceutical will continue to participate in the new development and new requirements of the plant extraction industry, accelerate the upgrading of extract technology, promote the high-quality accelerated development of the health industry, and actively contribute to the realization of the "Healthy China 2030" development strategy!

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